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It is not the thoughts that cause our suffering but our attachment to them.    We become the thoughts we get attached to.

I help clients develop a healthier relationship with their thoughts.

You cannot ruminate or over-analyze your way out of anxiety, depression, or trauma.

While some thoughts matter, how you relate to them matters more.



Alonso del Conde

MS, LMHC, Psychotherapist

I believe that we are not merely defined by our thoughts; instead, we are the conscious observers who choose which thoughts to engage with. My aim is to cultivate presence and awareness within my clients, equipping them with the tools needed for a more balanced life. 

By improving the relationship with their thought streams, I help clients detach from unhelpful patterns like persistent rumination or excessive worrying, thereby fostering resilience and addressing the integrative mind-body connection where trauma often rests and manifests as anger, hypervigilance, anxiety, depression, and interpersonal issues.

I address the entirety of each client’s experience, responding to their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs. Believing in everyone’s natural capacity for self-actualizing, I see therapy as a component of a larger wellness strategy. I encourage clients to explore enriching activities such as creativity, music, spirituality, and physical exercise to support comprehensive healing and personal growth.


Contrary to the traditional image of a silent therapist, I embrace a proactive role in our sessions, intuitively customizing my approach to align with your individual needs. You can expect not only empathy and a deep commitment to your well-being but also gentle challenges that promote growth when appropriate.

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